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Q: Is fbhacker.info real or a fake scam?

A: Our online Facebook password hack is real and enjoyed by hundreds of people each week. We are not some kind of fake scam site. We are the only legitimate online Facebook hacking service that is available to the public.

Q: How can you afford to hack so many Facebook accounts?

A: The cost of keeping our servers up isn't as high as you might expect. We did invest (and still do) a lot of time and effort into the coding and fine-tuning of our Facebook account hack, but the small contributions from our great sponsors help us keep our service available to the public.

Q: Why does fbhacker.info hack Facebook passwords online for free?

A: Quite frankly we simply enjoy the thril and challenges of hacking the most popular social network in existence! Besides that we enjoy helping fellow hacking enthousiasts.. "Right.. but there has to be a catch, right? What's in it for you?" Well, the referral system on our site makes the site grow very big very fast. This would be a good thing for any web developer. We are thinking of selling the site/domain name sometime when it will be very profitable for us, probably around 2014/2015.

Q:How do I hack a Facebook password online?

A: Just follow these instructions:
1) Go to the 'Hack Account' page.
2) Enter your targets Facebook profile link, and click the 'Hack Account' button.
3) Simply wait a minute or so and let our hack do all the work for you. This may take up to 2-5 minutes, depending on the amount of people using our service at that time.
4) Click on the 'DOWNLOAD PASSWORD' button and complete a short (1~2 minutes) survey/offer to get the password and confirm that you are a human not a bot.
The Facebook account you hacked will automatically be added to your panel, and you will be able to download his or her password immediatly by clicking the 'DOWNLOAD' button and complete a short (1~2 minutes) survey/offer to get the password and confirm this is not an automated download by a bot.

Q: Help! I am being asked to verify I am human because of abuse detection.

A: Our system is fully automated and does spam checks and verifications constantly. You may be asked to fill in a captcha code or complete a quick offer from our sponsors to verify you are human. These checks are usually based on high levels of abuse from your country, or too many hack attempts from residents in your area. Completing a quick offer allows us to keep this service up to date and working for everyone.

Q: Can this service hack all Facebook account passwords?

A: Yes we can hack virtually any Facebook account's password. We actually have a sucecss rate of around 95%.

Q: Is the online Facebook account hack safe to use?

A: Yes, the service is running on our dedicated encrypted servers so there is absolutely nothing to be worried about. Our site is doing the hacking, not you.

Q: I'm being asked to take a survey, what do I do?

A: Please take a look at question #5. Just complete the survey/offer to get your hacked account details. We know surveys are annoying, but these sponsors keep this service up to date and working for everyone! Also IF you're being asked to do a mobile offer, just complete it and send 'STOP2'. We guarantee you won't have to pay anything.

Q: I would like to advertise on fbhacker.info. Is this possible?

A: The more sponors we get, the longer will our service be online, so yes this is possible! Please send an email to advertisements@fbhacker.info. Any mails that are not about advertising enquiries will be ignored.

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